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SCC ADMIN Posted by: SCC ADMIN 7 years ago

Pop quiz! What’s the thrill in skydiving that remains exactly the same no matter how much experience you have?

[Insert Jeopardy music here]

Time’s up! The correct answer, of course: the view.

Both first-timer and eminently experienced skydivers share the joy of a truly spectacular view with the exuberance of feral kittens. You can see it written all over their faces as they come in for landing–the stars-in-their-eyes holy-whoa was-that-even-REAL feeling of seeing a stunning landscape from literally all the angles.

How do we know? Well. Because we’ve got one of those.

Skydive Coastal Carolinas truly has one of the most spectacular views. We rank right up there with the world-famous supermodel views at New Zealand and Hawaii–and best of all, you get to see it all from the zippy comfort of the coast’s only turbine aircraft. What could be radder? Oh, yeah: really special stuff to point out. How’s this for special?


If you’ve ever seen Weekend at Bernie’s, you’ve already seen Bald Head Island. This pretty little island is remote enough that it’s only accessible by ferry and traversable mainly by golf cart. Sea turtles outnumber people (human population: sub-200) by several thousand, but that doesn’t negate its historical importance: it was a British fort during the war for independence, and it was a Confederate base in the Civil War. Long before the bullets started flying, it was a vacation spot for local Native American tribes–and it’s a favorite spot for a restful long weekend even now.

From the sky, you can see its emerald marshlands, sinuous coastline and landmark lighthouse (the oldest in the state!), which was built to help ships avoid the much-more-treacherous-than-the-name-is-funny Frying Pan Shoals. Once you land, hop on the ferry and check it out! It’s very cool.


The Oak Island Lighthouse rises above a long swath of Caswell’s white-sand beach, shoreline cabins, glimmering marshland and zig-zagging boardwalks like a grey meerkat, looking watchfully out across the open water. She casts a long shadow, literally and metaphorically, and stands as a great testament to the olden days of adventuring. From the sky, especially as the sun is sinking low, she looks something like a sundial, and you can see the little twinkle of her flash.

Another fun fact about the Oak Island Lighthouse: y’know how lighthouses always have spiral staircases spinning up the middle? Not so here. A series of seven 16-foot ladders offer access to the top–131 steps in all–resulting in what we imagine were some of the world’s most Popeye-armed lighthouse minders.


Speaking of sunsets–man, do we have a sunset for you.

There’s a reason why sunset jumps are a “thing”, for both brand-new tandem skydivers and “lifers” alike. They’re a poetic way to celebrate a day done well–a month done well–heck, a *year* done well. There’s a quality of light up there that’s like sinking into a jar of fresh honey; it’s energizing, soothing and sweet. Something about the way faces light up on a sunset jump is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before. You really have to see it for yourself.

Hey, we’d love to show you… learn more about tandem skydiving with Skydive Coastal Carolinas.


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