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Let’s Get Into the Details

How do I get to Skydive Coastal Carolinas?

Is there a minimum age requirement?

Is there a maximum age limit?

I have some health concerns, how do you define “physically fit”?

Is there a weight limit?

I have a disability, can I jump?

What time should I get to the dropzone?

How long will I be at SCC?

What should I wear?

Can I wear my eyeglasses?

Should I eat and drink before I jump?

Can I buy food and drink at the dropzone?

What altitude will I jump from?

Can my family and friends watch me jump?

Are there any activities at the DZ in the event there’s a wait?

Do you have a shuttle from the beach back to the DZ?

Is parking free?

Do you offer group discounts?

Do you offer a military discount?

Do you have a proposal package?

Can I host an event at the dropzone?

Why should I get a video recording?

Can I film my own jump?

Can I SCUBA and skydive on the same day?

I need to reschedule, what’s your policy?

What goes into a beach jump and why are they not gaurunteed?

Do you offer sunset jumps?

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