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SCC ADMIN Posted by: SCC ADMIN 8 years ago

It’s not uncommon to have a fear of skydiving before your first jump. It can often be the fear of the unknown that scares you more than anything.

The reality is, though skydiving can get your adrenaline pumping and your heartbeat racing, that’s all part of the fun! It’s an experience unlike anything you’ve ever done before. Trust us, you’ll love it!

So, if you find yourself thinking ‘I want to skydive, but I’m scared’… here are a few things to bear in mind prior to your jump.


It’s usually the fear of the unknown that scares first-time jumpers more than anything else. Skydiving isn’t your everyday kind of activity (unless you do it every day like we do!) so it can be difficult, if not impossible, to imagine what it will be like.

Even if you know other people who’ve jumped, you never really know what to expect until you see it for yourself.

To help, you can visit the drop zone prior to your jump. You don’t need a reservation; you can simply turn up, settle down in our spectator area and watch the parachutes come in to land. You’ll see it’s a very ‘normal’ sight at the drop zone and something we do a lot of, and that should help to ease your anxiety.


Of course, you can’t see people in freefall when you’re watching from the ground. It’s worth checking out skydiving photos and videos of people skydiving before you jump, so you know better what to expect.

One thing to note about the photos is that, even if people look absolutely terrified just before they leave the airplane, the majority have a huge smile on their face as they get into freefall.

In fact, most of the tandem jumpers we ask struggle to remember their fear of skydiving. All they talk about when they get down is how much they loved it.


Another way to learn more about skydiving and get over your fear is to speak to our highly experienced staff, and to other jumpers on the drop zone.

We’ve all skydived hundreds, if not thousands, of times and many of us had to navigate how to get over the fear of skydiving ourselves. We can describe the feeling of skydiving first-hand and give you a pretty good idea what to expect. Of course, you’ll never really know how it feels until you try it, but getting other people’s perspectives can be useful in helping you better understand what it’s all about.

You can also ask questions of our staff. No question is a silly question, so if there’s anything you want to know, we’re here to help. That applies to in person as well as via email or telephone.


There are lots of myths about skydiving. From the myth that you can’t breathe in freefall to the myth that skydiving feels like a roller coaster, there are loads of stories out there. It can be difficult to know which to believe.

The truth is that you can breathe in freefall and rather than feeling like falling, it feels like you’re cushioned by the air. Everyone will have a different experience but the vast majority love it and would do it again.

Bottom line… it’s better to go skydiving scared than not at all! So what are you waiting for, it’s time to conquer your skydiving fears and join us for the experience of a lifetime! We promise you won’t regret it.

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