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SCC ADMIN Posted by: SCC ADMIN 7 years ago

You know how this old story goes.

You can’t get enough of it. You think about it constantly. Once you’ve started, nothing manages to capture your attention in the same way. The second you’ve had your fix, you want another one. And somehow, every spare dollar–and some that aren’t quite, y’know, technically spare–go to your habit. It’s not long before everyone in your life is just as hooked, and you spend all your time together indulging your madness.

It’s skydiving, guys, and the struggle is real. And it’s awesome.

Why is skydiving so addictive? If you’ve never done it, it may not make a lot of sense that folks are so bonkers for the sport. Let us try to explain it to you (so you understand why we show up to the dropzone on every possible day).


Jumping out the door of an aircraft is a near-magical act–because once you do it, you can rest assured that you’ll never be quite the same again. A skydive brings crystal clarity–an absolute silence to the voices that chatter in your head–along with a bubbling sense of freedom. Imagine it: for just a few minutes, everything that’s chipping away at you, from your relationships to your work to your goals to your frustrations, is literally miles away. You have exerted the wherewithal to eject yourself from the door of a moving plane, after all, and that spiritual fistbump lasts long after landing.


Skydiving also spins neurological straw into gold. It’s quite intoxicating what it does, actually, so we’ll try to explain this semi-unexplainable phenomenon: A skydive takes some original ingredients: that nail-biting nervousness; that existential worry–and, during the course of the jump, transmutes those neutral-to-negative sensations into the most explosive, boundless sense of elated possibility you’ve probably ever felt.

It’s powerful stuff, this. It’s so potent that it catches people off their guard. It’s not uncommon for people to burst into giddy tears after they land. People run around like wackos, hugging and high-fiving anybody who happens to be in their path. And it’s pretty common to see them bolt for the office to ask about starting a skydiving training program.


Okay, you say… I get it. Skydiving makes you feel good about yourself and it makes you super happy and stuff. What else is there?

How about a whole new world of friendships?

Most folks don’t realize that skydiving isn’t just about jumping out of a plane. That’s a big part of it, of course, but it’s so much more than that. As surfing is more than standing on a board in the waves; as yoga is more than stretching on a mat; as scuba diving is more than putting a hose in your mouth and looking at fish. Skydiving, like those other examples, is as much a worldwide community as it is a sport. Like those other examples, it possesses a language and a philosophy. It’s a lifestyle–a legit one.

New skydivers get hopelessly addicted to skydiving because of that community so much more than any other reason. Most of us will tell you that getting addicted to skydiving was one of the best things that ever happened to us.

Come on over to Skydive Coastal Carolinas for your first try! If you get hooked, make sure you blame us. But don’t worry: We saw it coming a mile away.

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