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Skydive Costal Carolinas Posted by: Skydive Costal Carolinas 8 years ago

Pictured Above: The view above Skydive Coastal Carolinas

Making a skydive is life changing. Making a skydive with an extraordinary view… awe-inspiring. Seeing the beauty of this world from 10,000 feet gives perspective and gratitude for the world we live in. There are hundreds of skydiving centers located around the United States and we’ve jumped at the majority of them! We got together made our list… the best views in skydiving!

1. Skydive Hawaii – What is there not to love about Hawaii? The views from the ground are incredible. The views below the water’s surface are spectacular but few see it from above in free fall. The view will leave you speechless!

2. Skydive Coastal Carolinas – A lot of beachside dropzones showcase lots of development on the beach… it’s nice, but to see natural views of the Intracoastal waterways, marshlands without lots of sprawl makes our view one of the best in America!

3. GoJump Santa Cruz – Located in Santa Cruz, California this dropzone has one of the most beautiful coastal views of the Pacific Ocean… truly magic!

4. Skydive Long Island – The beauty of Long Island, NY is something to see and few New Yorkers have seen it from this perspective! This area we call home truly is beautiful! Take in the beautiful waterways and blue and green hues… it’s no wonder that Skydive Long Island has received so much attention – it’s the MILLION DOLLAR VIEW!

5. Skydive Sebastian – Sebastian, FL is well-known for its views and has been the backdrop to some major skydiving movies including the amazing IMAX movie, Adrenaline Rush!

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