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Skydive Costal Carolinas Posted by: Skydive Costal Carolinas 6 years ago


Okay. That much is clear. But let’s proceed, shall we?

If you’re in the planning process for that yassss-inspiring Myrtle Beach spring break, you’re probably looking for the things to do that will next-level your itinerary. After all, there are plenty of things to do in Myrtle Beach for spring break, but you want it to be on. Right?

Whether this is your first or, like, tenth spring break in Myrtle Beach (…when did you graduate, again?), we’ve got the list that will earn this one a place in the history books. There’s been a lot of change afoot in our East Coast party mecca, after all. You’re going to want to hit the Grand Strand all synced up so you don’t end up hanging out in a vortex of mini-golf, subpar frozen daiquiris, and tacky t-shirts.


There is absolutely no chance that you haven’t heard of Señor Frog’s. None at all. Not possible. This place is an infamous destination–especially for spring break–at Myrtle Beach, and for good reason. First of all, it’s, like, totally lawless. Anybody can hang out with anybody, and there aren’t any stuffy ol’ rules and regs to get in the way. Total off-leash kinda vibe. Can get weird. (Should get weird.) If you’ve already been… do a new kid a favor and introduce them to it. It’s your duty.

If you’re looking for something off the beaten path (and especially if you’ve been saddled with under-21s to take care of), hear us out: Medieval Times. Start at the bar. You might be surprised at the craziness that goes down. Be open to it.


If you’ve seen Austin Powers but you haven’t heard of shag dancing, you’re going to need a local to explain it to you–and then you’re going to have to go out and do it at Myrtle Beach’s Beach music venues. (Note that “Beach music” is an official thing here; it’s not just a music venue on the beach that you’re looking for.)

Get into the local spirit at Fat Harold’s Beach Club, which is treasured by the locals for its shag scene (man, I can’t even say that without giggling). From there, head over to Duck’s Beach Club on the Grand Strand in North Myrtle Beach. It seems like this place has been around forever, and with good reason–it’s got consistently great live lineups, drink specials, events and staff. Shag on over to OD Lounge (the self-proclaimed “Biggest Little Bar in Town”) to close out the night on the dance floor (and maybe line the stomach with a burger for a better morning). Once your feet start hurting, you can end up burning some quarters in OD’s attached arcade room. Classic.


Spring breaking with someone special? Naturellement, your destination at some point must be the SkyWheel. Though the ocean views are pretty breathtaking during the day, it’s the sunset spins that really get the brownie points with cuddle buddies. Landshark Bar & Grill, which sits right at the base of the wheel, offers post-SkyWheel-canoodle nibbles and sips.

If your ID isn’t going to get you anywhere at Landshark, don’t despair–just take your underage boo by the hand and cross the street from the SkyWheel. There, you’ll find Karma Ultimate Teen Nightlife which–in addition to being the only actual oceanfront club in MB–has no issue with spring breakers under 21.


Yes. Jumping.

To be specific: jumping out of a plane into the sky over Myrtle Beach.

This is the most amazing–the most brilliant–the most earth-shaking, life-changing, holler-inducing, show-tune-inspiring thing you can possibly do during spring break in Myrtle Beach. Seriously. From then on, Myrtle Beach spring break 2017 will forever be “the spring break where I jumped out of a plane for the first time.” Skydive Coastal Carolinas has one of the most acclaimed views from freefall of any dropzone in the USA, so you kinda owe it to yourself to sober up for a few hours and check it out. Afterward: Add some of those dazzling freefall snapshots to your high-standard party photos.

Next level? Oh so achieved.

Learn more about tandem skydiving near Myrtle Beach or contact a member of the Skydive Coastal Carolinas staff with any questions you have.

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