What Makes The Tandem Experience Comfortable?

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What Makes The Tandem Experience Comfortable?

Published: June 1, 2017

What goes into making the necessarily nerve-wracking tandem skydiving experience more comfortable? Lots of things, actually, but there's a biggie: Great people! If you read reviews on Skydive Coastal Carolinas, happy new jumpers will often explicitly state that their instructors made them comfortable. Our seasoned pros put their tummy-butterflies to rest by thoroughly answering questions, carefully and completely explaining the skydiving equipment and by displaying their wicked senses of humor at precisely the right moment. Here's a quick list of the things we do at Skydive Coastal Carolinas to grow your comfort zone in the sky:.

We only hire eminently experienced, professional, rated instructors.

The best way to ensure that you only staff fantastic people is only to hire fantastic people in the first place, then encourage them to grow and continue their education in a positive, proactive environment. That's what we do--and you can feel that vibe when you step on the dropzone.

first time tandem skydiving student with instructor in freefall

Our instructors are able to explain the process--and make it fun.

Tandem skydiving is scary! Having a calm, kind, perceptive guide to lead you through the process is enormously comforting when you face off to the challenge. A great tandem skydiving instructor takes a personal interest in you, making you feel at home, carefully explaining the equipment, the process, and the expectations so that you enjoy the comfort of confidence and can really dig into the fun part. Our instructors are great at this.

Our instructors take the time to get to know you!

Our professional skydiving instructors aren't just inveterate pros; they're diehard "people" people. We only staff instructors who are legitimately stoked to get to know each passenger they introduce to the sport--which necessitates the great listening skills that cross over into other comfort factors of the jump (like really hearing your feedback about how the harness is fitting and if, for instance, your leg is feeling crowded in the plane).

We only use the highest-quality tandem skydiving equipment.

It's not just the human element of the experience that we've dialed in at Skydive Coastal Carolinas--it's the stuff, too. After all, your tandem instructor isn't going to be flapping his or her wings really hard to get you from the plane to the ground, right? To get you down safely and comfortably, we use the highest-end, most meticulously maintained parachuting gear available, so that the deployments, flights, and landings rock your world, not your joints.

At the end of the day, a tandem skydive is only as comfortable as the dropzone decides that its customers are worthy to experience. To us, you're worth it! Why do we care so much about the comfort of a tandem skydive? Because for every person who lands smiling, we have another chance at welcoming a new jumper into the international community of skydivers--and there's nothing we love more. It might be an ulterior motive, but we think you'll agree that it's a good one!

tandem skydiving student celebrates right after landing