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If you are interested in this sport and you want to work towards a skydiving license, you can make your first Tandem jump the first jump on the Tandem Progression. Tandem Progression starts with four Tandem jumps. On these jumps, you learn how to deploy your own parachute, make turns, and other essential skills. The Tandem instructor is in the air and attached to you to help you out if you have any problems. This provides an extra level of comfort for some people getting used to freefall.

After you complete the four Tandem progression jumps then take the First Jump course to prepare you for your first solo skydive. On this skydive the instructor will jump out of the plane holding on to you, but will not be attached. You will learn the basics of skydiving and have the instructor by your side. The next skydive starts out the same, but shortly after the exit your instructor releases you, but doesn't leave your side, and you really get to fly on your own. You then have several more skydives to complete the training. In these skydives, you practice and learn more skills for flying and you work on your canopy controllability.

Skydiving License Requirements:

If you wish to earn a USPA skydiving license, once you finish the seven levels of the course you can jump on your own and start working towards your A-license. To receive an A-license you have to complete a minimum of 25 jumps while completing certain requirements on each jump.

Currency (jumping frequently) is very important, especially during any training course. You must jump at least once every 30 days during the AFF Program. The more you jump, the better, many students jump 2 times every weekend. If you exceed 30 days without jumping during the AFF Program, you will have to take a refresher course and possibly have to re-do a level.

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Pricing

Package Cost
First Jump Course - Ground School 100.00
Category A 295.00
Category B 295.00
Category C 295.00
Category D 195.00
Category E 195.00