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We want your first experience skydiving NC to be nothing less than amazing! As skydiving is an experience unlike anything else, it can be hard to know what to expect. To help you prepare for your first jump with Skydive Coastal Carolinas, we encourage you to review our tandem skydiving Frequently Asked Questions. If you have additional questions prior to your jump, please contact us at 910-457-1039.


How do I find your location?

Our physical mailing address is 4019 Long Beach Road, Southport, NC 28461. Not all GPS systems have our mailing address programmed, so please verify this before beginning your trip.


Are pets allowed at the skydive center?

No. Pets are not permitted at the skydive center at any time.


If I have a GoPro camera or a similar small camera, am I permitted to bring this with me on my jump?

No outside cameras are permitted on your skydive due to safety reasons. There are no exceptions.


First Time Skydiver Questions

When do you skydive?

Our skydiving operation is opened year round and we typically jump from sunup to sundown!


Is there a minimum age requirement?

Yes. All of our guests must be at least 18 years of age. Our apologies, there is no exception to this.


Is there a skydiving weight limit?

Yes. The skydiving weight limit is 220lbs including shoes and clothing that you will be wearing for the jump. Individuals who are close to this weight will be asked to stand on a private scale at the time of check-in. If you have any questions about weight requirements, please contact us at 910-457-1039. There will be an extra $30 fee for anyone 220lbs or over.


What altitude do you jump from?

Depending on which aircraft you jump from, your exit altitude will either be 11,000 feet (over two miles high) or 14,000 feet (from our King Air) offering some of the greatest views available in skydiving!


How is the view while in freefall?

The view is spectacular! While in freefall, you wil see the iconic Oak Island lighthouse, the ocean and the beautiful bays, inlets and marshes for miles around!


How do I make a reservation?

Give us a call at 910-457-1039 or book with us directly online. You must give us a 48 hour cancellation notice, 72 hours for groups of five or more.


What if the weather is bad the day I am scheduled to jump?

If weather is the issue, we will call you the day of the jump and let you know, we need to reschedule. (There is no charge to your credit card.) Mother Nature seems to be our friend here, so often the weather channel says "rain" yet it does not.

Please, confirm with us first. We very seldom have to cancel any jumps...


How long does it take?

Generally, please plan to be with us for three to four hours.


Why should I eat before I come out?

Because of low blood sugar.....if you have not eaten for several hours before you get here and it takes three more hours for you to get ready for the most extreme event of your life, your blood sugar is already at zero, adrenaline reduces your blood sugar and your chance of being sick to your stomach or even passing out when you get back down are much, much greater! Please, eat a good meal before you Skydive!


Can my friends and family come out and watch, take pictures?

Yes, please bring them with you! We land right back here at the drop zone, all can see very well!


Can we bring a cooler with food and drink?

Yes, coolers and food are welcome (No alcohol before jumping). Be sure you save the alcohol until after you have jumped. We kindly ask our guests not to consume alcohol after midnight the night before.


What should I wear?

Dress so that you are comfortable for the temperatures on the ground. If it will be a warm day, then tee shirt, shorts and tennis shoes will be best. If it's going to be a chilly day, then jeans, a long-sleeved tee shirt and tennis shoes are recommended. If it's particularly cold then we recommend long-johns or Under Armour wear (works particularly well). Tennis shoes or 'sneakers' is recommended for footwear. Boots are not recommended and flip-flops / sandals will not be permitted.


Should I arrive earlier than my scheduled time?

No. Arrival time is your booking time. You will be at the DZ for approximately 3-4 hours. Please prepare for this as there is some down time between your training and actually boarding the plane. There is much happening behind the scenes by-way of re-packing parachutes etc. Please be patient and prepare for one of the best experiences of your life!


Should I tip my instructor or videographer, what is standard procedure?

We recognize that skydiving is an expensive activity - tips are never expected, but always appreciated!


What does Skydive Coastal Carolinas consider to be bad weather?

Conditions that effect the postponement, delay or cancellation of a tandem skydive are as follows:

  • Heavy Clouds - if cloud conditions are thick not allowing jumpers / instructors to see the ground from the jump altitude, then jumping is discontinued. The exception to this is if the cloud cover is above an altitude of 11,000 feet.
  • Rain - Jumping in the rain can be an unpleasant experience. We do not operate when it's raining.
  • Wind - If ground winds are excessive or if upper altitude winds are excessively high.


Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, gift cards can be purchased online and they are good for one year.


Can you get me certified?

Yes, we can get you to where you can jump with your own parachute with as little as nine jumps.


How much does getting a skydive license cost?

Skydiving can be a rewarding but expensive sport. Expect to spend around $3,000 to reach the 25 jumps it takes to get an A License.