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Date Details: March 17 - 18, 2018 — Dawn - 12:05 am

Come join us for our season kick-off event! We love to see new faces! Come see why so many people love our drop zone! Jump all you can Saturday and Sunday! Food and drinks included (beer after last jump) Bring your friends and family for the weekend! A local Massage Therapist will be onsite for quick massages between jumps, free of charge! We will have three planes running from sunrise to sunset!

$290 jump all you can Saturday and Sunday includes food and drinks
$150 gear rental for both days
$20 food and drink for non-jumpers for both days
$10 food and drink for non-jumpers under 18 for both days
$195 tandems for friends and family of jumpers

Register now and make your deposit. Rigs are first come first serve with registration. Deposits are as follows:

$150 deposit if you need to rent gear (this reserves your rig)
$25 deposit if you don't need to rent gear

Bring your tents and campers and stay at the drop zone for the weekend. Comfort Suites is offering a $99 a night rate for the event that weekend. We are working with other local hotels for deeper discounts and are pet friendly.

In order to register for the event please call us at 910-457-1039 to make your deposit!

Early Registration Savings for Jump-Aggedon is available now!

$260 if you pay in full between Feb 1st and Feb 10th
$275 if you pay in full between Feb 10th and Feb 20th

Call today and get registered for the event! The back-up weekend if the weather doesn't cooperate will be March 24th and 25th.


All USPA and FAA rules apply

Must be an A lic or higher USPA member current and Reserve in date

One rig per jumper

Be packed before manifesting

Must be full loads - 12 jumpers King Air; 4 jumpers Cessna

Anytime KingAir shuts down 20 min cool down follows

Anyone renting equipment must register ahead of time to reserve gear for weekend; first come first serve