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We would like to issue a word of caution to our guests about booking agents or third party operators. Within the skydiving industry there are many websites that give the appearance that there is an actual skydiving center in a town or city because a website exists for that city. Once you call the published phone number (usually an 800 number) you are directed to a call center who will then take payment and have you visit a skydiving center in a different location. This has upset many people because a). it does not represent where the skydiving center is and b). a much more expensive rate is charged to the consumer so the third party can build a hefty margin.

When making a reservation, look for the following:

1. Physical Location - be sure to find an actual street address for the operation on their website and ensure it is in the same place as an airport.

2. Local Phone Number - These third party sites typically only offer an 800 number to contact. Be sure that there is a direct number to call.

3. USPA Member Skydiving Center - Be sure the dropzone you are booking for is a member of the United States Parachutists Association. The USPA sets the safety requirements for the industry and all members dropzones are obligated to follow these guidelines. Not all skydiving centers regard safety and attention to detail in the same way - so be sure to do your homework!

4. Clarify - Before handing over payment, clarify with the person taking your booking of the exact physical location of the center.

We hate to post a consumer alert, but we have met many unhappy people who have been misguided by these operations. Skydive Coastal Carolinas is independently owned, located at 4019 Long Beach Road in Southport, NC operating out of the Cape Fear Regional Jetport. We are a member of the USPA and are passionate about our customers!