Bob Stephens

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Tandem Instructor, Static Line Instructor

Ratings: C-020684 D-014882

Jumps: 4078

USPA: 072911

Phone: 910-457-1039

Email: perrystephens AT yahoo DOT com

About Bob Stephens

Bob Stephens has been skydiving for 25 years and is as passionate today as he was when he first started. To date, Bob has made over 4,200 skydives and plans to make many more! He is passionate about his students and safety is his number one concern. At an early age, Bob was enamored with flying and knew somehow he would dedicate his life to it. Discovering that flying lessons were too expensive he decided to do the next best thing - throw himself from an airplane. The rest as they say is history. Skydive Coastal Carolinas is privileged to have such an experienced instructor and most of all, a great person on our crew.

Bob's Quotes:

Favorite Quote - "Let's get your knees in the breeze"
Words of wisdom - "Don't pull the ripcord in the plane."

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