Why Skydiving is the Best Extreme Sport

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Why Skydiving is the Best Extreme Sport

Published: December 14, 2016

As extreme sports go, there's no contest: Skydiving is, hands-down, the very best of the lot.

Why you ask?

Oh, dear reader: Let us count the ways you're going to love your time in the wild blue yonder.

1. It's The Realest Kind Of Real.

Unlike a lot of other packaged experiences, skydiving is the real thing. It's a true adventure--with true risk!--and it requires your full attention and participation. This is no thrill ride. This is no set-it-and-forget-it tilt-o-whirl that you can phone in while you take a selfie. This is no fake. This is the real thing: you, experiencing your unique and precious human experience like a boss.

Awesomely, it's not just hardened "adrenaline junkies" who are able to taste the delights of freefall. Since the invention of tandem skydiving, non-athletes have as much access to the skies as those of us who have dedicated our very lives to artfully falling out of airplanes.

2. It Requires You To Be Really, Truly Present.

Along those lines: Unlike other adventure sports, training is involved in order to have a successful skydive. This isn't a strap-in-and-hold-on situation like a roller coaster or a bungee jump. This is a situation in which you're asked to learn about the process, partner up with your instructor and truly take part in your adventure.

The best part is that investing in that presence translates directly into a payoff you can hardly anticipate. The act of throwing your heart, soul and attention into a tandem skydiving adventure delivers adrenaline, sure--but it also delivers focus, confidence and sheer joy in amounts that defy a ready explanation. You're going to love the way you feel after a tandem skydive--and you're going to want to go right back up there and feel it again, as soon as possible.

3. There Is Absolutely Nothing Like The View.

The first time you see the world spread out below you from a mile above--without an ounce of metal or glass between you--you'll be bowled over. Everyone is. We're especially proud of our views of the historic Carolina coast, and once you catch a glimpse of it from up here, you'll agree.

4. Nobody Can Hold A Candle To The People.

Sure, we're 100% entrenched in the skydiving community, and have been for a great many years--but we're hardly being biased when we say that the most wonderful people on the planet are the ones who share the sky with us. Skydivers tend to be hard-driving, non-conforming, creative folks from all walks of life who care deeply about the art of experiencing life to the absolute fullest. They're inspiring to be around--and they welcome newcomers with open arms.

The skydiving community stretches the whole world 'round, and it's a family like no other. In fact: most people who start skydiving as a sport join not because of the freefall, but because of the fast friends that they make on the dropzone.

Speaking of which: We want to meet you. Come on up here and join the party!