Is Skydiving for You?

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Is Skydiving for You?

Published: September 1, 2017

Thinking about jumping out of a plane for the first time? We know how you feel. We were once in your pensive shoes, putting the idea to serious consideration and doing a little skyward-gazing daydreaming. We also know that, in your position, several super-pervasive myths have a tendency to keep popping up. Let's set about dispelling those, shall we? Once these skydiving myths are out of your way, it'll be perfectly clear that, yes, skydiving is definitely for you.

You Don't Have To Be A Wild Child To Skydive.

You don't have to be an adrenaline junkie to make a skydive. We meet perfectly normal, smart, well-considered first-time jumpers every single day. These are business people, full-time moms, grandparents, caregivers, working folks--every single category you can think of. One type we don't see a lot of is the type who looks like they just walked off the set of Point Break. That should tell you everything you need to know.

gentleman skydives with instructor first time

You Don't Have To Have A Death Wish To Skydive.

Whenever we run across this myth, we can't help but let out an explosive sigh. I mean come on, media--why do you keep dragging this one out? This misconception couldn't be more different than the truth. People who make the decision to jump are far more in love with life than their landlubber brethren. They're out there to milk every last drop from life; to live it to the fullest and then live a little more. Death wish? Pah. Balderdash.

You Don't Have To Be Young, Flexible Or In Shape.

...So being young, flexible and in great physical shape helps with pretty much any challenge you can undertake in this life, but it is by far not a requirement to make a skydive. Case in point: Centenarians regularly skydive. (Google it!) All you have to do is meet the minimum skydiving age and maximum weight requirements and you're probably golden. If you have a concern about a pre-existing medical condition, chat to your doctor. It's certainly not the first time they've been asked.

older man tries tandem skydiving first time

You Don't Have To Be Crazy.

Skydiving is not a challenge that only the crazy undertake--far from it, in fact. Skydiving is the natural next step for anyone looking for a new adventure that's nearby and doesn't require a long time to learn. It's for anyone who's looking to get out of their comfort zone. It's for anyone looking to disconnect from technology and connect with real people in the real world (and aren't we all?!). It's for anyone who's looking to check off that bucket list item. And you know what? It's for anyone--anyone!--looking to have fun

So: does that describe you, then? We think you have your answer. We're looking so forward to meeting you, showing you around our perfectly gorgeous sky and introducing you to your next great obsession! Feel free to reach on out to us to schedule that first-time tandem skydive, and we'll be happy to answer any of the other questions that come up. Don't be a stranger!