First Time Skydiving: What You Don’t Expect

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First Time Skydiving: What You Don’t Expect

Published: June 7, 2016

Every year, thousands of people experience skydiving for the first time. Many of them come with preconceptions about what their jump will be like - exciting, a little nerve wracking, windy!

Some people don't know if they'll be able to breathe in freefall (FYI, you can!) while others are unsure about what it feels like to fall at 120mph through the sky (FYI, it feels amazing!). Here, we explore all of the things about skydiving that you don't expect...

What is Skydiving Like?

One of the biggest misconceptions about skydiving is that it's really scary. When you haven't jumped, it's difficult to imagine the sensation of jumping out of a plane. Many of the people who come to us to tell us they're expecting to feel like they're falling very quickly and to be scared by the speed and pull toward the earth.

The truth is that freefalling feels more like being cushioned by a pillow of air, rather than falling. When you reach terminal velocity (the fastest speed you'll fall - around 120mph), you'll get a feeling of weightlessness that few people outside of the skydiving world ever experience.

Of course, skydiving does still have its scary elements. You're jumping out of a plane after all! But that's part of the fun! The fear gets your adrenaline going and nothing compares to that moment of sitting in the door preparing to jump.

An Empowering Experience

Have you ever felt like you can do anything? Like you could conquer any challenge that comes your way? Like you've achieved something special and can do it again?

For many of us, skydiving gives us those feelings. It's something so extraordinary to most people that doing it empowers you. You land with the feeling of elation that comes when you've overcome your fears and taken a leap (literally!).

That feeling of empowerment doesn't end there. After you've jumped, don't be surprised if you find yourself looking to the skies as you walk down the street and thinking I've been there, I can do anything.

Someone once said "Only skydivers know why birds sing". And we agree!

It's All About Being Happy

It's highly unlikely that anyone has ever found themselves in freefall at 10,000 feet thinking 'I wonder if I put the washing machine on?' or 'Am I going to reach my sales targets this month?'.

Skydiving is all about removing yourself from the stresses of daily life. It's about letting go and relaxing completely. You feel very much in control when you're skydiving, but it's a different type of control than you might be used to. Rather than controlling what's to come, skydiving is all about being in the here and now, and loving every second.

The happiness of skydiving doesn't just come from the jump itself. The community atmosphere of the drop zone is conducive to fantastic relationships and lifelong friends. Spend the day on the drop zone and you'll see how much of a group camaraderie there is, and how the skydiving community welcomes and nurtures everyone.

Are You Ready to Skydive?

If you're wondering how does skydiving feel ... don't just take our word for it, experience it for yourself! Here at Skydive Coastal Carolinas, we welcome first time jumpers for tandem skydiving (attached to an instructor) and skydiving lessons. Book online now or contact us if you'd like to speak to a member of the team.