What’s The Best Time of Year to Go Skydiving

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What’s The Best Time of Year to Go Skydiving

Published: February 28, 2017

A first time skydiving experience deserves a first-rate jump at exactly the right moment! Whether you're a beach bum or a snow bunny, here are our favorite season-to-season skydiving tips to make sure you head to the dropzone at the perfect time.

Skydiving in Spring: The Pros

Ah, spring! To paraphrase Alfred Tennyson: In the Spring, a young man's (and woman's) fancy lightly turns to thoughts of skydiving. Don't tell summer, but spring just might be Southport's actual favorite season--what with the Spring Festival, the farmer's markets and--oh, yeah!--spring break. Springtime is a great time to make a skydive, as the weather is making its way back to balmy and everyone at the dropzone is cracking our knuckles and getting really excited about the return of our beloved southern sun.

Skydiving in Spring: The Cons

April showers bring May flowers and all that, but a rainy day will definitely keep us on the ground. Call to check before you drive out to the dropzone, and we can let you know what the weather's looking like over the airfield before you make the journey.

Skydiving in Summer: The Pros

You'll love the pumping energy of a summertime dropzone. Summer is the official season of skydiving, and for good reason--when it's swampy-hot on the ground, it's perfect at altitude! You can expect to share the plane with loads of our amazing friends--adventure-monkey "fun jumpers"--who pile into the plane to pull off their aerial acrobatics and drag a toe through the sand as they land on our gorgeous beach.

Skydiving in Summer: The Cons

Our neck of the woods is a very popular one, come summertime--heck, we're the regional getaway destination for anyone in the Carolinas that loves the beach but doesn't do Myrtle. You'll want to make sure to book ahead, to avoid disappointment.

Skydiving in Fall: The Pros

Two words: Fall sunsets. You'll chase the sun for a last peek, whooping out into freefall as you watch it start to do its own spectacular dive. The coral-crimson-gold-mauve tapestry of the waning daylight unfurls lacy sparkles all the way out to the watery horizon. The effect is best when the natural world underneath you is already dressed up in her best fall colors--and trust us, it's one heck of an effect.

Skydiving in Fall: The Cons

Like springtime, the fall weather can be a little tricky. For safety, we don't jump in any kind of inclement weather--so give us a ring to check before you come out.

Skydiving in Winter: The Pros

Hibernation? Nah. Why stay inside? The North Carolina coast offers some respite from teeth-chattering inland weather. The key is to dress in layers; then, you'll be able to make a jaw-dropping wintertime skydive before you head out to the surrounding hills for a sled or a sleigh ride. How many of your friends have done that? If the chill factor catches up to you, you can always warm up with a hot cocoa and a trip to one of our area's top-rated spas.

Skydiving in Winter: The Cons

Jumping in winter is totally possible, but you've gotta be brave! Remember: the temperature at altitude is quite a bit chillier than the temperature on the ground, so you'll need to be prepared with your coziest close-fitting layers, your favorite winter gloves and an unstoppable attitude.

Ready for that first time skydiving experience? We hope these tips for the best time to go skydiving have given you a better idea what to expect, but remember: Every season, there's a reason to go skydiving!