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All Years | Staff Highlight

Jumper Spotlight: Blake Strong

» September 30, 2014

Blake Strong has aviation and skydiving in his DNA. As the son of Coastal Carolinas owner, Brian Strong, Blake has known nothing but jumping out of airplanes! Many of the beautiful photos we highlight on our Facebook page and website are a result of Blake's escapades above Oak and Bald Head Islands. Learn more about Blake... his interests and passions in this week's Jumper Spotlight.

An Interview With Brian Strong

» September 18, 2014

Brian Strong has spent the majority of his life in both skydiving and aviation. An entrepreneur at heart, Brian has lived a life that many can only dream about because he has followed the path less traveled, by following his passions.

11 Questions With Bob Stephens

» August 5, 2014

Bob Stephens has been skydiving for 25 years and is as passionate today as he was when he first started. To date, Bob has made over 4,400 skydives and plans to make many more! He is passionate about his students and safety is his number one concern. Learn more about Bob and his interests in this weeks, 11 Questions With...

11 Questions With Laura Mullen

» July 21, 2014

Laura Mullen is AMAZING! In her 15 year skydiving career, Laura has amassed more than 10,000 skydives, 9 BASE jumps, has become a tandem and AFF instructor, owned her own dropzone and now (fortunately for us) calls Skydive Coastal Carolinas home! Any of our students fortunate enough to have jumped with her are always in for a great treat because of her care and attention to safety and detail. There is no one better than Laura Mullen! Learn more about her in this week's 10 Questions With...